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HCAHPS Drives Patient Satisfaction AND Better Clinical Outcomes

HCAHPS Drives Patient Satisfaction AND Better Clinical Outcomes

It’s a misconception to believe that the value of HCAHPS-based rounds is rooted in non-clinical issues, and serves no purpose beyond making the patient comfortable.  A Deloitte study found that the patient experience is directly linked with quality and safety outcomes, including the patient’s adherence to clinical guidelines, increased preventative behaviors, and lower inpatient mortality. Specifically, studies link better long-term outcomes for both diabetic and myocardial patients to positive experiences with their caregivers.

PEX Helps Hospitals Remain Clinically Accountable

The process of gathering patient experience alerts hospitals to gaps in clinical processes, including miscommunication regarding the patient’s pre-existing conditions, delays in test results, and lack of follow-up care for procedures. PEX facilitates an open exchange of information between patients and healthcare teams.  

 COVID-19 has created uncertainty and financial challenges for hospitals that are unprecedented. At the same time, consumer perceptions regarding hospital care are permanently altered. Predictive analytics combined with remote rounding tools can provide hospitals with the information they need to anticipate patient needs, improve outcomes, and help them to become more financially successful. 

Measuring Satisfaction Amid a Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly created a frightening and urgent atmosphere as healthcare teams strive to deliver care to patients facing a new and unfamiliar disease. The patient’s perception of their healthcare experience during COVID will have lasting effects on their choices for future care. The lifetime household value for healthcare is more than $400K, and future decisions about where patients will spend these dollars is directly related to their perception of the hospital’s response, especially during a pandemic. Patients are more likely to stay loyal to one hospital if they are satisfied with the quality of care and their experience.

 More importantly, we can expect that the patient’s definition of “quality care” has shifted due to the pandemic. Issues of safety, cleanliness, and virtual access may carry more weight than those issues have in the past. As hospitals emerge from COVID, they will need more intelligent patient insights so that they can quickly pivot around the patient’s new definition of satisfaction.

Ambassador Software Works 

Ambassador Software Works provides AI-based patient insights through its proprietary APEXamenity Rounding Tool and through partnerships with leading Rounding Tool vendors. To learn more about how AI-based patient insights can improve your patients’ experience, HCAHPS scores, and VBP reimbursement, please call 855.349.4224 or email