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APEXamenity© is the ONLY Rounding Tool that Improves HCAHPS

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AI Provides Targeted Therapy for PEX

The APEXamenity rounding tool identifies patients at a high risk for not-top-box responses on HCAHPS questions and tracks patients through the confirmation and resolution of patient concerns.

Advanced Algorithms...

anticipate patient needs and personalize a non-clinical care plan

Hospital ambassadors...

engage patients, nurturing an open and participative environment

Patients gain...

an outlet for fears and concerns, reducing stress for clinical personnel

Hospitals benefit...

from improved reputation and patient satisfaction scores

A Needle in A Haystack

Without AI, a nurse will need to visit as many as 50 patients to find one who’s actually going to provide a not-top-box reponse.  For most hospitals, HCAHPS response rates have fallen to as little as 25%.  The percentage of not-top-box varies from 5% to 40% meaning that all of your negative responses are coming from less than 10% of the population and, in some cases, less than 2%.  Even if a rounding nurse actually visits a future complainer, we’ve found that many hesitate to report their issues.  With a little persistence — and the insight to know which patients need it — your staff can give these Silent Saboteurs a voice and fix their issues before they show up on an anonymous HCAHPS survey.