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Remote Rounding is Safe and Effective

CNOs are in a bind...

Nurses are Overwhelmed

COVID has put unprecedented strain on nurses and other healthcare workers.  Each in-person interaction raises the risk for patient and worker alike.

Financial Pressures

Elective procedures are critical to the financial health of hospitals.  When COVID passes, CFOs will continue to ask for 110% to help fill that hole.

Customer Experience Matters

It only takes one bad experience to discourage a patient from returning to your hospital for their next elective procedure.

Lend a Hand: Outsource Rounding

Give your nurses a break without abandoning this critical activity by outsourcing it.  Our Ambassadors use the telephone in your patients room to complete Remote Rounds on your patient population.  Identified issues are communicated to your on-site team for timely resolution.

The Ambassador Advantage

Smarter Rounds

Ambassador uses AI to anticipate patient issues.  Others are hamstrung by the lack of visual cues like body language.

Cost Effective

Offload the work to talented, HIPAA-compliant Ambassadors.  Choose the medical experience level that fits your budget.

Closing the Loop

Ambassador’s proprietary rounding tool tracks patients through the resolution process, coordinating callers and caregivers.  Or our callers can use your existing rounding tool.