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Predictive Analytics: The Missing Piece to Remote Rounding

Predictive Analytics: The Missing Piece to Remote Rounding

How Predictive Analytics Fills the Visual-Cue Gap

 Many hospitals are already successfully conducting remote rounding through telehealth tools. With COVID-based restrictions on visitors, patients are often starved for human contact, and PEX personnel have found that patients are not just receptive but welcoming of calls inquiring about their experience.  While telehealth provides a safe way to continue to address patient satisfaction and safety concerns, it is not without challenges.  Unlike an in-person visit, caregivers talking on the phone can find it difficult to connect with patients in the absence of eye contact, body language, and other visual cues.

 Some hospitals are using AI-driven tools to overcome these challenges.  By leveraging tools that predict patient concerns, bandwidth-constrained staff quickly pinpoint which patients need the most attention and the specific actions that will improve their satisfaction.

 The challenges of remote rounding include the absence of visual cues from patients who are concerned but hesitant to talk and the need to get patient information back to onsite clinical teams. APEX with patient insights and activity capturing overcomes these challenges for providers. 

Smart Recommendations

With real-time updates, APEX tracks the evolving complex needs of patients as they move through the hospital, following the patient across shift changes, as they move through their care journey. The result is less mental and decision fatigue on healthcare teams, trying to anticipate what patients need so that patients can focus on resting and recuperating. 

 “If a nurse can predict that a patient will likely have trouble sleeping, he or she can offer the patient a sound conditioner, draw the shades or move them to a quiet area of the hospital,” said Tim Newcome, president, and co-founder of Ambassador Software Works. “Without using our technology to predict the patient’s issue, three nights could pass before the nursing staff realizes that the patient can’t sleep.” 

Ambassador Software Works 

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