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APEXamenity(tm) Walkthrough


Patient: Sally

Sally is a 62 year old female who was recently diagnosed with an arrhythmia after a fall attributed to fainting. She is in the hospital to have a pacemaker implanted. She is fortunate — her life has been generally healthy — so this is her first experience with major surgery.


Nursing Manager: Betty

Betty is the nursing manager on the cardiac floor where Sally will be staying. Betty does her best to visit all her patients every day. Unfortunately, Betty’s patient load limits the amount of time she can spend with each patient so she’s unable to thoroughly address patient concerns.

APEX pulls real-time patient information from the hospital’s EMR

When Sally is admitted, the EMR notifies APEX that a new patient needs review.

APEX analyzes the patient’s data using proprietary algorithms

APEX realizes that Sally’s demographics and medical history put her at a high risk for sleeping issues.

APEX helps Betty have an efficient and productive conversation

APEX identifies Sally’s potential sleep issues. Betty ensures that she visits Sally and that she emphasizes the hospital’s commitment to sleep quality.

APEX ensures Sally’s entire care team is kept in the loop

If Sally confirms the likely sleep issue, Betty is able to flag Sally’s condition in the tool so every shift is aware of the issue.

APEX tracks commitments through to completion

Betty can also track commitments like ear plugs or an eye mask right there in the tool.  If an emergency pulls Betty away, the next shift is aware to fulfill this commitment.

APEX routes tasks to the right personnel.

If a task requires the involvement of other departments (e.g. facilities or nutrition), the tool can be configured to forward the request to these teams for resolution.

APEX delivers happier patients and better HCAHPS scores

APEX provides insight into patient preferences, ensuring your staff knows which patients are likely to have issues and have the persistence to get past “OK” to real issues.  Once issues are identified, APEX tracks commitments and progress across shifts, ensuring everyone is engaged in resolving the patient’s needs.  Pilot users have leveraged these insights to product significant and positive impact on HCHAPS scores when compared to benchmark groups.